Hot Rides

This short video of George Laubenstein’s 2004 ZO6, taken on 8/17/2017, records a dyno run testing the car which put out 1100 rear wheel HP (equates to about 1285hp at the crank) in this run.  These results were achieved at 5600 rpm, 12.5 lbs boost and timing set at 15 degrees.

To quote George “Driving the car in every day traffic feels the same except you can feel a little more torque. If you want to do a little spirited driving you can feel the power especially around 3K rpm.  If are not paying close attention and you get to 4K rpm things begin to happen real fast. Thank goodness I have an excellent suspension and big brakes. This car is a lot of fun.”

The build up and dyno test were done by Jeff Creech of Carolina Auto Masters.