From the President


I want to thank everyone for their support this last year and hope I can continue to ask for your support and help in the upcoming years. I also want to welcome Dennis Newton back as Treasurer and new board members Rose Golden and C.I. Hall for 2 year board positions. In addition, Agnes Grubb continues as vice President, Claudine Langton as Secretary and Richard Hawkins as 1 year board for this upcoming year.

 We had a great meeting at the Monte Carlo on Saturday and jackets/ sweatshirts and caps that were ordered were distributed. I do apologize for the names not being on a number of the jackets and sweatshirts and have let the sales representative for Proforma know this was missed. I have some interest by new members in ordering jackets. If I can get 6 orders, the small front logo is $13.00; the large back logo is $30.90 and the name is $5.00 for 1 name and $8.00 for 2 names (i.e. Mary Jane) plus the price of the jacket which is $40.00 and up depending on size.

 I do want to welcome a number of new members: Kevin & Sherry Holt – ’96 Coupe & ’78 Silver Anniversary; Micky & Karin Baldwin – 2013 Artic White Grand Sport; Karen & Fred Bragg – ’92 White Conv. & ’07 Silver Conv.; George Slade ‘98 Sunfire Yellow Conv. and Missy & Craig English – 2013 Black Grand Sport.

 We do have an ‘Event’s committee this coming year, which Dennis has offered to chair. Any ideas and/or thoughts you have for a cruise, lunch, dinner, or show; please let him know. We want to do ‘fun’ things again this year and any thoughts are very much appreciated.

 Let’s make this year even better than last year and have lots of FUN and do a lot of WAVING.

Pat Mullett

VCC President



Virginia Corvette Club Meetings

 VCC 2015 Meeting Dates – COMING SOON



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The cookbook is full of receipts from some of the best corvette driving cooks in Virginia. The cook book contains superb instructions for creating appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, bread, desserts as well as the main dish! The cook book even has helpful information such as about fats and food safety guidelines. Contact Becky McFall to order your own special cookbook.  Cookbooks make great Birthday presents!


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