Upcoming VCC Events for 2015

June 6/Sat.     Corvette Roundup  (flyer)

At Iron Bridge Sports Park in Chester, VA

Event coordinator is Karin Baldwin

June 20/Sat    VCC Mystery Cruise

Event Coordinators are Pat Mullett and Agnes Grubbs.  This is a VCC sponsored event

The plan:   We will be meeting at the Food Lion on 460 about 8:45 AM and leaving at 9 AM sharp. The cruise to the 1st stop will be 2-2 ½ hours long. We will take a short break for a group photo before leaving to arrive at a restaurant for lunch.

June 26/Fri     National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day Lunch

Event Coordinator is Pat Mullett

The tentative plan is for non-retired members to drive their Vette to work, then to have the non retired and retired members drive their Vette to River Ridge Mall for lunch together.

June 26/Fri      Star City Motor Madness Cruise (flyer)

Event Coordinators are Craig English and Karen Baldwin

The plan is to gather at Bergund Credit Line 3926 Williamson Road Northwest to watch the event  Cost is $10 per car for parking which includes food. Need to arrive by 4pm to park together.

June 29 & 30/Mon & Tue  National Corvette Museum

High Performance Driver Education (flyer)

Event Coordinator is Pat Mullett

The VCC will volunteer to help NCM and can also pay to participate.

July 18/Sat        7th Annual Wings and Wheels (flyer)

At Ingalls Field in Hot Springs VA

Event Coordinators are Craig English and Karin Baldwin

August 15/Sat    VCC Timed Rally

Event Coordinator is Karin Baldwin.  This is a VCC sponsored event.

The plan is to follow directions based on road side clues and to drive within a designated time period and to end at a place for participants to eat.

Sept 19/Sat        Cruise to “JTs at the Lavalette Restaurant

                    At 415 S Main Street in Greta, VA

Event Coordinator is Dennis Newton.  This is a VCC sponsored event.

The plan is to cruise to the restaurant. Advertised as a fine dining experience in a 1880 mansion. Entrees range from $9 to $25 and include a side and a salad.

Sept 26/Sat       Chatham Cruise-In in Chatham, VA.

Event Coordinator is TBD

 Oct 24/Sat         Fall Foliage Cruise

Event Coordinators are Craig English and Karin Baldwin. This is a VCC sponsored event.

Dec 12/Sat         Last Cruise of the Year

Event Coordinators are Craig English and Karin Baldwin. This is a VCC sponsored event.

Virginia Corvette Club Meeting

 Our 3st meeting of the year will be Saturday, June 12th

From the President

March 29, 2015

The weather is warmer and I’m finally back from Florida for the summer.  A couple of weeks ago on my ‘quick’ trip back here, Precious and I actually took a drive with the top down  -  Looking for cows and horses, of course.  I am so happy we should shortly be able to start doing that a lot more often.

With the warmer weather it will soon be the start of the 2015 meetings for the club. I am really looking forward to the 1st meeting of 2015 that will be on April 11th at Charley Droogs at 3 PM  (903 Turkeyfoot Rd, Forest, VA). It will be great to see everyone and catch up on all the news.

We also have a lot of FUN things planned this year. The events committee has been busy both locating events you can attend and determining which ones we want to promote. There will be a few car shows to go to, luncheons and just fun days cruising and enjoying our great cars. Check the website for details.

We have more new members and hope they can join in the fun.  Let’s give a warm and enthusiastic Corvette welcome to the following new members!!

  • Sarah Sullivan owns a 1986 white coupe
  • Christie Burton & Mike Feehan own a 1996 hatchback
  • Fran & Fred Wydner have a 1972 red stingray coupe
  • Richard Edwards has a 2015 red coupe (or will have once it is delivered)

 We are also very happy that our members who have had surgery this spring are all doing fine.

 Hope you can make the meeting and ‘Save the Wave”.

Pat Mullett

VCC President



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