From the President


The Virginia Corvette Club welcomes returning members Dennis & Janice Gripp to the club. They own a 1961 Jewel Blue Convertible and a 1999 Torch Red Convertible.

 Also a big  welcome to new members C.I. & Sharon Hall. They own a 2004 LeMans Blue Coupe.

 Happy to have you joining us.

 Pat Mullett

VCC President



Virginia Corvette Club Meetings

We will have 4 club meetings this year. They will take place at Charlie Droog’s garage prior to his cruise in’s. Our next meeting is November 8th at 2:30 pm. Non member Corvette enthusiasts are welcome to visit.



The VCC Cookbook is now on sale – $10!

The cookbook is full of receipts from some of the best corvette driving cooks in Virginia. The cook book contains superb instructions for creating appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, bread, desserts as well as the main dish! The cook book even has helpful information such as about fats and food safety guidelines. Contact Becky McFall to order your own special cookbook.  Cookbooks make great Birthday presents!


 Custom Embroidered VCC Shirt Logos and Stickers!

Would you like a Virginia Corvette Club logo embroidered on your favorite shirt? You supply the shirt and a mere $10 and Becky McFall will make you a wonderful custom shirt! We also have new 30th Anniversary VCC stickers for your favorite Corvette or toolbox. Sticker price is $5.  Click to see examples of these new items:  VCC Sticker   VCC Embroidered Shirt







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